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About us

About usPalmera is a resort staff agency based in Germany and has a sister company based in Switzerland under the license Nr. CHE-480.003.958 with many years of experience, providing entertainment teams and Staff to resorts and hotels in Greece, Cyprus and Other Mediterranean countries. We have experience solutions for facilities ranging from club-styled hotels to luxurious resorts. Palmera Agency focus on supplying staff from all around the world. We can supply all multilingual staff speaking any language your resort requires. In addition to our knowledgeable and dedicated staff we can offer a variety of quality products from our affiliate across the world at reasonable rates.

Work abroad

Work abroadDo you have the adventurous spirit to free yourself, and explore new parts of the world? Did you ever imagine you could find yourself waking up to a Mediterranean sun every morning? Palmera offers you the opportunity to start your adventure.

There are some things that you just don't understand until you've felt it for yourself. Finding yourself smiling all day, because you want to, can teach you many things about your own personal lifestyle. Being a part of a team, and coming to rely on yourself; these things can help you to start understanding what kind of person you really are.

What we do

What we doPalmera is dedicated to supply your Hotel with all the adept, smiling and knowledgeable staff it may need; ; receptionists, waiters, bartenders… or one of our outstanding animation teams. Palmera Agency is focusing on finding the best people for you. We organize Castings, training courses for our staff and pre season preparatory seminars to ensure the smooth running Work at your Resort. We also provide your hotel with the resources it needs, from costumes or decorations to set design and lightning. We pride ourselves on supplying the best product. Our promise is your satisfaction, with all of the services we provide.

Club Affilation

Club AffilationWe offer the best quality and best performance in animation, the safest and the least expensive way to upgrade for better entertainment services in your Hotel. Palmera is ready to act fast in solving any possible problems that may arise.

You are able to be easily at all times in personal contact trough supervising managers in your area. You will have the most prestigious and well established international company as a partner, willing to establish long-term cooperation. Palmera is contracting animators - therefore all the costs for each animator including: recruiting, interweaving, advertisements, training, all taxes, insurance, salaries, etc. will be covered by our company.

We will replace unsuitable team member within maximum of 7 day on Agency's expenses. I wish to underline that all animators will be working completely and strictly under your Hotel policies and rules.